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Why do I receive the best price when booking directly?


What is a direct booking? A direct booking is a booking directly through the provider of a service. Especially in the hotel and vacation-industry there are many comparison and intermediary platforms. These third parties, mostly online platforms, offset their services to the particular hotel or vacationprovider, which increases the the price for the service. If you book your service directly through your hotel or holidayapartment-provider, these extra fees can be prevented. Therefore it is more economic, to book the desired service through your providers website, via phone call or via email. 


As host in Grindelwald and Interlaken GRIWA RENT AG carries the responsibility to provide the best possible holiday experience. That is why we grant you a direct booking discount on the full price of your booking, if you book directly. So we can guarantee the best price for your holiday apartment or chalet.


We are excited to receive your next booking directly through our website, via contact form, via phone call or via email! Here you find our contact information.